Sunday, June 24, 2012

Juniper Berry, by M. P. Kozlowsky

Juniper Berry
Juniper Berry
Lexile Level: 700

I am not a fan of spooky, creepy books that make my skin crawl....but plenty of my readers are!  So, I recommend Juniper Berry to all of you that like books that linger with you in uncomfortable ways.  Juniper is a child of famous movie star actors.  They are a very close family, at least they were BEFORE they found acclaimed fame.  Now they forget Juniper even exists.  Lonely, Juniper sees the world out of her spy glasses.  She desperately wants to be apart of the world, but is locked away from it.  One day, she comes across a thin, wisp of a boy who is also looking for belonging.  Juniper and Giles find their answer, but it turns out to be more costly than they ever thought it could. 

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