Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flint Heart, by Katherine and John Patterson

Lexile Level: 1030

When a warrior wants to be leader of the tribe, he goes to the shaman to have a special necklace made.  The shaman warns him that the stone charm would harden his heart and he would lose the respect of the tribe.  Craving the power and the riches that comes with being Chief, the warrior kills many in his tribe, including the current Chief.  When the evil warrior finally dies, the magic charm is buried deep with him.  ....Until it is found by a kindly man and his son Charles.  The man immediately begins to take on a hardened heart and makes all around him miserable.  Charles and his sister seek out the fairies to find help.  Charles and Unity now find themselves on a mission to save ALL creatures from the Flint Heart. 

You will enjoy this new fairy tale.  The illustrations are beautiful and help give the characters charm.  I enjoyed this tale and will be reading it again soon!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Steel Trapp, by Ridley Pearson

The Challange, book #1
In this riveting thriller, 14-year-old Steven "Steel" Trapp sets off with his mom and their dog, Cairo, on a 2-day Amtrak journey to compete in the National Science Competition in Washington, DC. Steel is both blessed and cursed with a remarkable photographic memory--just one look and whatever he sees is imprinted for keeps. Trying to be a good Samaritan on the train, he instead becomes embroiled in an ingenious, international plot of kidnapping and bribery that may have links to terrorists. Federal agents track Steel and his new-found science geek accomplice, Kaileigh Augustine, as they attempt to put together the pieces of a complex puzzle. Using Steel's science contest invention--and with the help of Cairo--Steel and Kaileigh lead readers on an action-packed chase adventure as they attempt to prevent the unimaginable, before it's too late. http://www.amazon.com/Steel-Trapp-Challenge-Ridley-Pearson/dp/1423106407

The Academy, book #2
When you have a mind that won't forget any detail or pattern you have ever seen, you stick out among "regular" students.  Steel's parents are sending him to a special boarding school that only allows students who are invited.  So, Steel was surprised to see his friend Kaileigh.  Sure, she was smart, probably smarter than he was.  How did she get invited?  Why did his father help?  As the questions about Steel's new school pile up, he becomes more and more obsessed in finding out what IS going on.  He begins to count the opening of doors, watching for upperclassman after classes, and hiding in an old church organ.  Enjoy this mystery that is quick paced and filled with excitment.